This order is for FOUR bottles of Kefir.


Our Kefir is sold as a course of 4 bottles. At 170mls a day, four bottles will last you 21 days.


If you would like to become a subscriber then a course of 4 bottles would be sent out to you on a 3, 4 or 6 weekly basis depending on your choice. Pease see our other listing.


Check with your GP if you are on any medication that could interact with probiotics.


Don't forget our bottles are fully recyclable. Please rinse your empty bottle and place in the recycle bin after use.


Four Bottles

  • Kefir is a superfood/drink. There are many articles and studies that show this and it has becomeincreasingly popular as research has found the amazing health benefits of the drink.


    We hope this information helps your choice.


    Good health to all! Iechyd Da I Pawb!

    Fferm Y Ffrith Kefir x



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